Can I wash my face as usual while wearing Dry Brow?

Absolutely! Whether you’re in the shower or washing your face at the sink, you can go about washing your face as normal without worrying about getting your brows wet. We just recommend that you’re gentle around the area.


Can I re-use Dry Brow?

We do not recommend using each adhesive more than once. After the first use we cannot ensure that the adhesive will remain waterproof.


The adhesive isn’t sticking to my skin properly.

It is imperative that Dry Brow is applied to clean, dry skin. We highly recommend cleansing the area around the brow before application. This ensures that any product residue (skin care, makeup) or natural oils are removed. You will likely be provided with an aftercare balm following your microblading treatment, and this often ends up on the skin around your brows and will prevent Dry Brow from adhering to your skin. The easiest way to cleanse the area is with your face cleanser on either a cotton tip or wipe. 


When I remove Dry Brow after use, there is moisture underneath.

Humidity can build up underneath Dry Brow, especially during a hot shower. This is unavoidable and does not mean that external water has penetrated the adhesive.


Can I go swimming wearing Dry Brow?

Yes! Dry Brow is completely waterproof. It will protect your brows from salt or chlorinated water, both of which you should avoid during the cosmetic tattoo healing phase. 

I’m still in the cosmetic tattoo healing phase but don’t want to stop applying my skincare.

Dry Brow can be used to prevent your skin care from coming in contact with your brows. Simply apply Dry Brow and then your skincare as usual.


My cosmetic tattoo has healed, however I’ve been told that active skincare ingredients such as Retinol, AHA’s & BHA’s and Vitamin C will fade my new brows. How can I continue to use these ingredients without compromising my brows?

Dry Brow can also be used post healing to protect the tattoo from active skincare ingredients. Simply wear Dry Brow on the nights you use these ingredients, and you can sleep wearing Dry Brow overnight.

A hack that we like to do is cut the bottom adhesive off, which allows for a more comfortable feel when wearing for long periods of time.


I’ve had a brow lamination, tinting or henna treatment. Can I still use Dry Brow?

Absolutely! You should not get your brows wet for 24 hours after any of these treatments, therefore we highly recommend Dry Brow if you plan to shower or wash your face during that time.