I've been getting my brows microbladed for a couple of years. During the healing stage I usually wear a snorkel mask in the shower, get my hair washed at the hairdresser and don't wash my face properly for three weeks... Dry Brow is actually game changing!


THIS IS AMAZING! I can now shower straight after getting my brows laminated!


OMG! Where was this when I had microblading done?! I had my roommate wash my hair over the bath for me...


Game changing brow cosmetic tattoo, lamination, tinting & henna aftercare.

The first of it's kind, Dry Brow is paving the way for an easier and more convenient microblading/cosmetic tattoo healing process as well as lamination, tinting and henna aftercare. Keep your brows dry after your treatment with Dry Brow's waterproof adhesive brow covers.



1. I love my new brows! 2. They’re too dark and thick.

3. They are flaking and the shape isn’t right. 4. They’ve disappeared.

5. They’re back, but patchy. 6. Touch up – perfect brows again!

Cosmetic Tattoo/Microblading

When you have a cosmetic tattoo procedure, you won't see the final result until the skin has healed. Once your brows have healed your skin acts as a protective barrier, preventing water and other external factors from interfering with the pigment that was deposited under your skin during the treatment. However, your skin takes time to heal. Until this process is complete, the pigment is vulnerable to external moisture, active ingredients in skincare, and salt or chlorinated water which can all cause patchy or faded healed results.

Dry Brow’s waterproof covers for microbladed eyebrows make it easy to keep your brows dry and protected during this process. Simply apply before showering, cleansing your face, applying skincare or going swimming and rest assured knowing your brows will remain dry so you can get the best results from your treatment.

You won’t want to get cosmetic tattooing without it!



Eyebrow lamination involves straightening the hairs with a chemical solution. It is important to keep your brows dry for 24 hours after a brow lamination treatment to allow the chemicals to set the hairs in place.


Tinting & Henna

Traditional brow tinting mixes a pigment with a peroxide activator. As the skin staining is minimal, it provides a natural and subtle look. The skin staining from a regular brow tint (if any at all) will fade within 1-3 days, with the tint on the hairs lasting up to 2-4 weeks. Keeping your brows dry for 24 hours after your treatment will maximise the longevity of your tint.

Henna brow colour is 100% natural, doesn't involve any peroxide, and is therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin. It lasts much longer than a regular brow tint - 1 week for the skin stain, and 6 weeks for the staining on the hairs. As it grips skin more effectively than regular tinting, it is preferred by those wanting a more defined, full and noticeable look, but who don't want to commit to cosmetic tattooing/microblading. It is best to avoid getting your brows wet for 24 hours after your henna treatment so as not to interrupt the staining process.



An anecdote from one of our founders:

You never truly realise how often you get your face wet until you’re not allowed to.


'The first time I had a cosmetic tattooing procedure (combo brows - a combination of powder brows and microblading), I came home and was in love with the results. I had been warned by my brow artist to strictly follow aftercare instructions which included keeping my brows dry until the healing process was complete. The salon I attended recommended doing so for four weeks. I had my snorkel mask ready to go for the shower, which immediately fogged up making it difficult to see what I was doing. After my shower I contemplated how I was going to wash my face… I decided to gently wash the lower half of my face, avoid my eyes and use a wash cloth to cleanse around my forehead, painstakingly trying to avoid my brows. Applying skincare was equally as tedious. What seemed like an eternity later my routine was complete.


As the days turned into weeks I came to dread my shower and night time routine. I couldn’t see anything through my foggy mask, and removing my makeup, cleansing my face and applying skincare had become such a long process. I hadn’t removed my eye makeup properly since my treatment, and had stopped doing my skincare routine. Some nights I would only cleanse the lower half of my face and leave my forehead so I had started breaking out.


I also hadn’t washed my hair in 10 days as the strap of the snorkel mask made it impossible to do so. My brow artist had suggested getting my hair washed at the hairdresser for a month. I couldn’t justify spending money on multiple hair appointments just to get my hair washed, and it was also super inconvenient to do so. So 10 days and a ridiculous amount of dry shampoo later, I couldn’t put it off any longer. I showered without my snorkel mask on, keeping my head back while washing my hair. I inevitably ended up getting water on my brows (not to mention all the steam). Cosmetic tattoo procedures aren’t cheap, so I was very disappointed that I may have affected the final result!


I started searching online for waterproof bandaids or dressings that would cover the brows, however none were the correct shape and would risk sticking to the brow or my hair. I found shower visors however that wasn’t going to help with cleansing my face, and also didn’t keep out steam. It was a very frustrating process because I had spent so much money on this procedure and wanted to get the best results.


I finally reached the four week mark, only to realise that the touch up session was in two weeks, and the whole process would start again.


And that is when the idea for Dry Brow was born, and the rest is history :)


I hope Dry Brow helps you breeze through the healing process and get the brows of your dreams!’



Co-founder xx